No Roasting Pan? We’ve Got You Covered!


It is almost Thanksgiving and if you are like us here at The Lid Store & More you are already prepping your Turkey dinner with all the fixings! We are going through our cupboards pulling out mixing bowls, storage dishes, pie plates, and…where is that roasting pan? Many of us only use a roasting pan once or twice a year and don’t realize we may be missing this essential dish until moments before we need it. But, not to worry – there are lots of alternative options if you’re missing this item.

One of the biggest benefits to owning a roasting pan is that it’s large enough to fit your turkey (typically up to 20 pounds), but how many of us are really cooking a 20 pound turkey? Take a peek at some of these last minute roasting pan ideas if you are in a pinch (double check that your dish is oven safe before using):

  • 1. Make a last minute run to the store for an aluminum disposable dish from the store for just a few bucks. If you wait until Thanksgiving Day likely your local grocery store is closed and you need to keep moving down the list 
  • 2. Have a crock-pot? Take the ceramic dish out of the inside and it’s perfect for roasting. Only downside is that while the tall sides hold in the turkey drippings your turkey skin might not get as crispy as you like.
  • 3. Use a cast iron or stainless steel skillet (make sure the handle is the same material) for a smaller sized turkey. You may need to remove drippings more often throughout the cooking process but it’ll work just fine.
  • 4. Use a large casserole dish. This is probably the most common go-to. Just remember not to cool your turkey skin with cold water in the dish to avoid cracks or splitting glass from the drastic temperature change.
  • 5. Ask a friend if they have an extra you can borrow. This option may seem too simple but sometimes when you’re in a pinch you just don’t think of it.
  • Maybe you have your own idea. Let us know if you do! Just remember to…
  • 1. Make sure your dish is oven safe.
  • 2. Your dish has sides tall enough to catch the drippings and minimize splash.
  • 3. To help your turkey cook all the way around rest it on top of a bed of onions and potatoes to allow the drippings to move away from the skin.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving from all of us The Lid Store and More!

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