How do I find the right lid for me?
Generally, when selecting a lid for your Pyrex or Anchor Hocking container, we recommend you go by the model number on the bottom of the container (eg. 326-PC or Z1905), rather than by the diameter or volume. Once you have located the model number on the bottom of your container, you can simply type it into the search bar.

My container’s model number does not have the -PC after it. Does this matter?
The letters at the end of the model number should not affect the way the lid fits.

My container’s model number has a C- before it. Does this matter?
Having a C- at the beginning of your model number means that you have an Easy Grab dish. When you go to purchase a lid make sure that it has “Easy Grab” in the title, and that the model number of the lid also starts with a C-.

Are all of your lids BPA free?

Yes! We have checked with the manufacturers, and all of our lids are BPA free.